Covid-19 – Resuming sporting activities

20. 09. 01
posted by: Johan
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Please note that SAARA received permission to resume our sporting activities.

We are putting plans in place to get up to speed again and to get ready for the new season that will be starting soon. For this season we are planning a SAARA open match on 30-31 October 2020 and the SAARA National championships for 2020 on 15-16 January 2021 (taking part under 2020 age groups). The confirmation of the venues and arrangements for these matches will follow shortly.

Please note that Gisela Pretorius has been appointed as the SAARA Covid-19 compliance officer and all clubs, who has not done so to date, must forward their details and confirmation of the measures being implemented as soon as possible.

The following measures will be taken at all training sessions and matches:

Stay healthy.


Johan Pienaar

SAARA President