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20. 09. 01
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Please note that SAARA received permission to resume our sporting activities.

We are putting plans in place to get up to speed again and to get ready for the new season that will be starting soon. For this season we are planning a SAARA open match on 30-31 October 2020 and the SAARA National championships for 2020 on 15-16 January 2021 (taking part under 2020 age groups). The confirmation of the venues and arrangements for these matches will follow shortly.

Please note that Gisela Pretorius has been appointed as the SAARA Covid-19 compliance officer and all clubs, who has not done so to date, must forward their details and confirmation of the measures being implemented as soon as possible.

The following measures will be taken at all training sessions and matches:

  • Each training facility will appoint a designated COVID-19 Compliance officer.
  • All athletes, officials and coaches will be screened using a Contactless Infrared Thermometer and all persons not meeting the temperature requirements will be turned away.
  • A register will kept of all persons entering our facilities with the following information:
    • Full names;
    • Residential address;
    • Cellphone number
    • E-mail address
    • Contact details of a person or persons that living in the same residence as the person attending training and matches.
  • No spectators will be allowed.
  • All persons on the range (Athletes, coaches and officials) shall wear face masks at all times. Athletes may remove their masks on the firing point during the competition.
  • The range will be sanitised before and after each training session or match.
  • Hand sanitisers and spare face masks will be made available as required.
  • Firing point surfaces will be sanitised after each relay before a new athlete starts using the firing point.
  • Firing points will be spaced to meet social distancing requirements.
  • Surgical gloves will be worn by all range officers and officials while handling paper targets and all scoring equipment. Computers and scanner will be sanitised after each relay.
  • No refreshments and food will be served during training sessions or matches and athletes, coaches and officials must provide their own refreshments, that may not be shared with other people in attendance.
  • Designated bathroom facilities will be made available that will be sanitised on a regular basis.

Stay healthy.


Johan Pienaar

SAARA President

20. 03. 17
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In light of the announcement on 15 March 2020 regarding the declaration of a National Disaster to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus and further directives received from SASSCo and SASCOC the SAARA council decided to suspend all SAARA competitions until further notice.

We will monitor the situation regarding the planned international participation of our junior Protea and development teams later this year. Should the situation change towards a positive outlook a special trials match will be arranged to allow all eligible athletes to qualify.

We will assess the impact of these measures on the rest of our shooting calendar and reschedule matches where possible. We will keep you informed of any further developments through our normal communications channels.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard. We encourage all athletes to continue to practice and maintain their skills through individual sessions or smaller training groups. Please follow all official guidelines to protect yourself and to prevent the spread of infections.

Stay healthy and best regards.

Johan Pienaar

SAARA President

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20. 03. 01
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Tanya NW 2020

Congratulations to Tanya Snyders for setting a new SAARA National Senior Ladies record in the 10M Olympic discipline at the SAARA North West Open Championships on 29 February 2020.

Tanya scored a 619.0 in the decimal scoring system, an excellent performance making SAARA and South Africa proud.

20. 03. 01
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Martelize NW 2020

Congratulations to Martelize Pretorius for setting a new SAARA National Junior Ladies record in the 10M Olympic discipline at the 2020 North West Open Championships on 29 February 2020.

Martelize scored a 612.7 in the decimal scoring system. An excellent performance making SAARA and South Africa proud.


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