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SAARA is the OFFICIAL and ONLY National Controlling Body for Air Rifle shooting in South Africa as recognised by the South African Shooting Sport Confederation (SASSCo), the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA).



At SAARA we are shooting a number of disciplines and this article will explain what it is all about.

The key air rifle event is the 10m Standing event as defined by the ISSF rules and this is the event that is shot at the Olympic games and other official ISSF matches. We therefore often refer to this event as the 10m Olympic events for men and Women where both shoot 60 counting shots in the standing position.

All air rifle events are shot indoors over a distance of 10m at standard ISSF air rifle targets using 4.5mm ammunition.


In order to allow a cheaper entry into the shooting sport SAARA offer the following classes:

Springer Class – This is the traditional air rifle (or pellet gun) where a spring is compressed (normally using the barrel as a lever). Except for the use of target shooting diopter sights the rifles are standard. Total cost of gear around R3k to R5k

                                         SPRINGER RIFLE

Sporter Class – This is a more advanced target PCP type target rifle. The make and models that may be used must be approved by SAARA with no internal modifications. The most popular rifles are the Air Arms MPR and the CZ 200T No special shooting clothing that provides additional support is allowed. Total cost of gear around R10k to R20k.

                                                 SPORTER RIFLE

Precision Class – This is the top class as shot at the Olympic games. The rifle is a dedicated target air rifle (mostly PCP type rifles) that allows many adjustments to fit the individual shooter. Special shooting clothing and shoes as defined in the ISSF rules are allowed. This allows some support to the shooter.

                                    PRECISION ATHLETE IN GEAR


At SAARA we shoot two events:

10m (Standing) – This is the normal air rifle event where the entire event is shot from the standing position, 60 shots for men and 40 shots for women.

3P (3 Position) – This event is a mixed event (men and women combined) with 20 shots in the prone position, 20 shots in the standing position and 20 shots in the kneeling position, in line with the traditional ISSF small bore (.22) 3P events. This is therefore an ideal development opportunity for athletes interested in migrating to .22.


The ISSF makes provision for Junior and Senior age groups. An athlete becomes a senior in the year that he / she turns 21.

SAARA allows for the following junior sub age groups:

U12 - Athletes who will be under the age of 13 on December 31st in the year of the competition. This is a development age group and they shoot 40 shots in the prone position.

U/14 – Athletes who will be under the age of 15 on December 31st in the year of the competition.

U/16 – Athletes who will be under the age of 17 on December 31st in the year of the competition.

U/20 – Athletes who will be under the age of 21 on December 31st in the year of the competition.